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“Connecting people and the places they call home”

Aspen projects Home Staging excels in bringing out the best in your home. Our personalized service, consultations, and detailed action plans create the opportunities to make the best possible first impressions. Given that 55% of home buyers use websites or other online services to view properties they are considering,
that first impression is often made before the buyer ever steps inside the door.

Vacant Home Staging

A vacant house statistically has a more difficult time selling because the average buyer has a more difficult time envisioning living in the space if it is completely empty.
If you are selling a vacant home, we can design a plan to stage it in a way that showcases all it has to offer.
(We only do Vacant Home staging)

Home Staging Process

Each client receives our personal attention throughout the staging process. We begin with a consultation. It can be on location or over the phone. We will tour your home, take notes on its best features, and talk with you about any furniture or décor that may be necessary for showings and open houses.

If you provide us with basic information about the square footage, the number of rooms, style type, photographs, and location of the house, we can also provide a rough estimate over the phone.

The next step is sending the Proposal. After the approval, we set up a staging date. The staging process includes moving in the furniture and accessories and styling the property. The process typically takes 1-3 days depending upon the scope of work. The final step is De-staging.

We encourage all our clients to ask any questions they have. We understand the importance of presenting your home in its best possible light. We look forward to working with you to sell your home quickly and at the best price.


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